Introductory articles explained!

This blog is basically about providing a short introduction to classical music through major composers. They way I’m doing this is by writing what I call “introductory articles” – will that make a catchy hashtag? #introductoryarticle. In short, brief biographies followed by about 5 recordings.


Every article will follow the same basic outline:



Name of the composer


A lovely picture (if such a thing is possible, they didn’t really pose in the same way we do today)


A couple of paragraphs, probably about 3, on a brief biography and why they’re important.


  1. Album/name of the work

Conductor/orchestra/soloist names.

A paragraph about the work in question

Link to a performance (there won’t always be one, but I’ll try my best to make sure there is one)


  1. The above process is repeated


  1. The above process is repeated


  1. I think you get the picture


Sometimes the list will be longer, there might be a supplementary list or the article will come in two bits because 5 is quite a small number for some composers.


And that’s it really. If you have any questions/reservations, then feel free to email me and let me know through the “Contact” page.


Happy listening all!


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